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How can myofascial release help you?


If you are suffering from any issues with pain, tension, injury or stress, myofascial release can help you. Dean is an expert in myofascial release and works from a clinic on the North Shore, Auckland. Deans aim is not only to release the fascia but also to help you to be able to maintain it by teaching you myofascial release exercises, so you can have the tools to stay pain, tension and stress free.

One of the most life-changing effects of myofascial release is pain relief. It can help any type of pain, back problems, neck and shoulder injuries, joint disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, bad posture, TMJ, headaches and migraines, to name a few.
It is very beneficial for injury prevention and treatment, whether you are a high-performance athlete or someone who wants to be able to perform day to day activities pain-free. Myofascial restrictions are a common underlying factor for injuries.

The physical benefits of myofascial release


The mental benefits of myofascial release

As well as being fantastic for your body myofascial release can also have a dramatic effect on the mind and emotions. When the fascia is restricted, it often constricts the breathing causing the breath to be shallow. Shallow fast breathing contributes to stress anxiety and depression. By releasing the fascia the body becomes relaxed and the breathing more complete, slow and deep, this has a profound effect on the entire nervous system.

What is fascia?

Fascia is dubbed the largest organ in the body, it connects every part of the body to every other part of the body it wraps around and penetrates all of the muscles and organs. Fascia is predominantly made from collagen and elastin. Most people have seen fascia it is the thin white film the wraps around the meat.

What is Myofascial release?


The typical myofascial release massage is performed using no oil. There needs to be friction between the hand of the practitioner and skin of the client. The practitioner has to have developed a high sensitivity and will gently sink the hand onto the body with the correct amount of pressure to connect with the fascia, once connected the practitioner will stretch the fascia using various hand techniques to release the adhesions and blockages. This is the typical style of myofascial release, although there are many methods to release the fascia in the Chinese medicine system.

Fascia and Chinese medicine


The importance of fascia and myofascial release is relatively new in the west. Until recent times, fascia was thought of as a dense connective tissue that did not have much of a function. But in Chinese medicine, the importance of fascia and various techniques to release the fascia such as fascial massage, tuina, cupping, acupuncture, qi gong, taichi and yoga has existed for over 2000 years in Chinese medicine the fascia is one of the ways qi or energy flows through the body.


Dean is an expert in both western and Chinese medicine myofascial release massage. If you are looking for a way to become pain and stress free book an appointment today. The clinic is conveniently located in Albany, North Shore, Auckland

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